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The ALFA WOOD (ALFA TOPS) kitchen countertops are an excellent choice for every private and professional kitchen.
// Resistant to high impact resistance, friction, stains, high temperatures and burns and various types of abrasions.
// They have strong resistance to extreme climatic conditions and ultraviolet rays.
// Due to special filters and resins, they do not discolour.
// They offer a reliable & durable protection against bacteria and give another dimension to hygiene and cleanliness.
// The raw materials used to make stoves are environmentally friendly and have a long life cycle

ΗPL Surface: 0.7mm
Length: 4.20m
Formats and Dimensions
One-curve: width 60 cm
Double-curved: width 40,64,84cm
Formats: L & U
Radio: R5 & R8
They are produced with simple & untreated chipboard




The worktops have AKRIPAN® as the core chipboard or waterproof chipboard Hydropan® .
The coating element is the HPL, a material that has high resistance against abrasion , scratching , high temperatures, moisture and acids. The waterproof chipboard Hydropan® which is used for producing the worktops POLYTHETA®, is characterized as highly resistant in humid conditions and complies with the requirements of EN 312:2003 type P5 standard.
POLYTHETA® worktops are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, workshops use or any areas with specific high requirements in the field of durability and waterproofing.




Eltop is one of the most established brands in Greece in the field of postforming products and architectural decorative applications. It is characterized by continuous research and development, the specialization of production methods, the full range of products and the strong service profile.
Learn about style and product dimensions by category.




CMS kitchen countertops are the ideal solution for kitchen and many other applications in modern interior design. They are characterized by: modern aesthetics, durability against scratches and scratches.
All raw materials are certified on European standards.
They are manufactured in dimensions of 420cm x 60cm with unhygienic chipboard (E1) in R3 & R5-R9 and thickness of 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 60mm. Also for the 65 ° Shark profile, they are manufactured with a thickness of 20mm and 30mm.
On request, they can be made with a different type of chipboard as well as with different radius sizes (RADIUS). In addition, they are available in special sizes, up to 100cm. you can still choose between one or both sides with postforming.
Finally, they can be lined with the same form on both sides to be used as an islet foot. Instantly we produce backboard.






The EGGER countertops are the ideal solutions for the kitchen and many areas of modern interior design. They have been used in any aesthetics, even under intense stress, must not suffer from loss of surface quality or longevity.


Combination of materials
Coordinated range of accessories

STANDARD SIZES [millimeters]
Other sizes upon request